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Daniel Fay, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, USA Swimming Coach, CSMS

I grew up as a swimmer. I spent my summers participating in rec swimming and slowly grew my passion enough to convince my parents to let me swim with a club team. But as I swam, I began to see my friends and teammates slip out of swimming due to injury.

As time went on, I hit the same road block. I had floppy ankles, like most swimmers, and I tore all of the ligaments in my ankle while "cross-training" (playing pick-up football with my cousins). I went through physical therapy and realized ... maybe they didn't know a whole lot about swimming, but they knew rehab. So I stuck with it, but it built my passion to provide physical therapy with a focus on treating aquatic athletes such as swimmers, water polo players, triathletes and rowers.

I swam and studied at Springfield College in MA. I had a first hand look at swimming injuries with my teammates, but I then I began my Doctoral Physical Therapy training. Things started to click on how I could begin to help.

Once I began to practice I felt there was a missing link. So, I went through advanced Residency and Fellowship training in Orthopedics and Manual Therapy to build my knowledge to provide the best possible care to swimmers and athletes of all ages and ability.

Finally, I had reached the portion of my life where I could build a platform to treat swimmers, with a high level of expertise in rehab and performance training with a focus in manual therapy.

I always believe that you can swim, stay healthy, get faster and have fun while doing it. 

The Approach

Tissue, Movement and Performance

Through the Ola Grimsby Institute I have created a sharpened evaluation for tissue injury. Beginning from lifestyle and movement, my evaluation systematically dials in on a specific tissue diagnosis while dissecting its effect on functional movement.

This evaluation creates a clinical picture and allows for specific training to encourage tissue regeneration, facilitate improved biomechanics and progress tissue tolerance towards your performance goals. 

As a Personal Performance Trainer I also assess functional movement, implement sport video analysis and sport specific testing to optimize training and reduce injury.

The goal is to optimize tissue, instill motor patterns, address psychosocial factors of injury and injury prevention for the ultimate package for rehab and injury free performance.

Running physical therapy
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